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The Wedding


My sister Samantha was recently married to her long time friend Will. I snapped some photos at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, while the hired photographers did the heavy lifting. The wedding was very untraditional, family from both sides mingled during the ceremony, people were assigned to sit next to people they would not have sit next to normally, and the bride and groom were together all day. The feeling was like "Traditions are meant to be broken." I agree, tradition is a thing of the past, go on your own path.

Where did you go?


I didn't go anywhere!

As many people know, some things in life get in the way of your hobbies, and yes this is my hobby. Photography is not my primary income, maybe some day it will be. For now, things like my Job(s) are taking up the majority of my time. I would have loved to continue #PhotoEveryDay for the entire year, but I have missed over a month now due to my increased work load.

I have not quit, I am just focusing on other things. That being said, more photos are coming soon.

#PhotoEveryDay Announcement

Lately I have felt the need to challenge myself, improve my skills, and be more active in photography. Starting now, I am challenging myself to take one photo per day for the next year. I'm not talking about selfies, or pictures of my lunch, but a photo that I would post to my gallery to represent my growing skill.

You are welcome to join me in this challenge! When sharing photos, use the hashtag #PhotoEveryDay

Photo Every Day Guidelines:

  1. Take 1 photo per day for 365 days (Keep going if you like)
  2. They can't be selfies, but you can be in the photos
  3. Can be taken with any camera
  4. No duplicate shots
  5. Include exif data so others can check out your settings/equipment
  6. No lazy shots

[Expert Mode: DSLR or equivalent cameras only. No phone/point & shoot]

 You can view my #PhotoEveryDay gallery here: http://phxdragon.com/index.php/portfolio#nanogallery/nanoGallery/72157666143210281


Arizona Furcon 2015

Hey hey peoples and non peoples! Sorry it took so long for me to post this blog, my photo set has bee up for a while, but I have had a lot on my plate and simply forgot to post a blog.

Arizona Furcon was an absolute blast, furry or not, it was a blast for everyone. So many interesting and wonderful people, events, shows, raves. So much to so and so little time. Here is my set of 104 photos, I hope you enjoy it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/phxdragon/albums/72157660127289651