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Saboten was a quick shoot. Only a few photos due to me being there at the last minute. This convention was pretty cool, it was like comic con, but more anime and video game related. You can see the album in my portfolio or on my flickr here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/phxdragon/albums/72157658342409935 

Phoenix Comic Con (Update June 3rd 2015)

Just finished my trip to Phoenix Comic Con. They were generous enough to give me a Media pass to cover the event. Wanted to give you all an update since I have not posted any photos yet.

I am still on the road and using my laptop to process the images from PCC. It is taking a little longer than expected, but I should have some photos up by tomorrow, and the rest up by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The full gallery has been posted and can be found in my portfolio, or by following this link. http://phxdragon.com/index.php/portfolio#nanogallery/nanoGallery/72157653940077501

Arizona Furs Potluck

I showed up really late since I had to drive from Kingman Arizona to get there, but I still got a lot of pics and had a good time. Good friends, good people, good food and good photos.

I got to meet Desert Fox for the first time. He is a fellow photographer that used to live in Arizona, but now lives in Texas. He does some amazing work, and I even used a lot of his photos on the AZfurs.com website. If you want to see some of his work, here is the link to his flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]

As usual, my other favorite photographer, Sparky, was there with his Canon to take some photos. I am still waiting on his photos from the event, and you can see them too on his Flickr here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sparkyfps I also wanted to note that he helped set up for the group shot. So glad he did, because he is better at directing people than I am. XD

I love it when photography feels like a day off.

March Trip to Kingman AZ

The Phoenix Dragon is in Kingman for the weekend to visit family and friends. I am going to see about getting some of my friends in the Hooligan Motorsports Car Club together to do a quick freebee shoot of the members and their cars.

Last time I was here I went to the water towers that overlook the town with a friend and got some interesting pictures. I never posted them because I did not like them. It was a quickie shoot and I did not bring all the equipment I needed to make the photos look the way I wanted. This time I brought it all, from studio equipment to extra quick plates for the tripod.

I will keep you posted on weather or not I will have time for this shoot.


UPDATE: Photos posted in my portfolio.

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